Sixteen non-governmental organisations–from kindergartens to Third Age Universities–have already joined the Network. They all:

  • Enrich the entire Lithuanian education system by employing innovative methods and tools.
  • Respond quickly to changing environments, offer new content for education and learning.
  • Focus on the individual development and progress of the learner, creating a motivating environment.

Civil Society Institute

A centre for analysing public policy, disseminating public information and implementing educational projects.

House of Europe

It is involved in non-formal youth and adult education, seeks to strengthen global civic awareness, mobilises education organisations, implements research and provides recommendations and is an active participant in formulating and implementing Lithuania’s education policy.

Lithuanian School Students’ Union

A voluntary organisation, the only one in Lithuania representing school students’ interests and uniting their self-governments, with branches in 36 municipalities.

Civic Initiative Centre

It operates in human rights, education system strengthening and development of democratic processes, and implements public education programs in human rights, citizenship, the democratisation of organisations and civil society development.

Global Citizens’ Academy

It seeks to change civil society by strengthening citizen participation, especially young people, in solving local and global problems and contributing to disseminating global citizenship and sustainable development ideas in society.

Outdoor Learning Association

It unites kindergartens, where children under the age of 7 spend most of their time in the fresh air, surrounded by nature.

Turing School

A digital skills and programming school for students in grades 1-12, operating in Lithuania since 2016.

Democratic School

The Vilnius-based school, which provides pre-school, primary and basic education services, seeks to educate an authentic person who loves himself, others and the world around him and strives for continuous improvement.


A creative technologies’ academy that aims to turn children’s technological curiosity into a tool for lifelong learning and creativity.

Lithuanian Association of Adult Education

It brings together individuals and members of various organisations to foster lifelong learning in society and develop lifelong learning opportunities.

Non-profit kindergarten Nendrė

It provides multifaceted educational and social integration services to families living in Vilnius, with a particular focus on mothers/fathers raising children alone.

National Association of Third Age Universities

It takes care of older people’s non-formal education and their social integration into society by advancing their knowledge, competencies, and cultural needs. 


An open, community-operated space in Vilnius, where people with technology-related interests can collaborate, work, share their knowledge and skills.

LCC International University

It has been providing a North American artes liberales education since 1991 and educates its international academic community to become servant leaders.

Kaunas Fortress Fort

A non-formal education school of sciences in Kaunas, which aims to provide its students with high-quality education relevant to modern science and an opportunity to be happy in learning. 

Academy of Innovative Education CodeAcademy Kids

Today, the Academy is raising programmers who will be nurturing Lithuania tomorrow. Activities are aimed at students aged 5-18 throughout Lithuania, and the main goal is to make the time 21st-century students spend by a computer efficient, sustainable and useful. In developing their programs for clubs and camps, they pay special attention not only to technological innovations but also to the comprehensive development of a creative personality.