About us

Formed in 2016, the National Network of Education NGOs operates as an Association since 2019. It unites non-governmental education organisations working in the fields of pre-school and general education, higher education and non-formal education of children and adults, which together aim to:

  • Ensure the sustainable participation of non-governmental education organisations in the formulation and implementation of a flexible Lithuanian education policy that adapts to the changing environment and learners’ needs.
  • Find consensus among the educational community on how to assess and improve the quality of education because it does not only cover learners’ achievements and ratings of educational institutions.
  • Increase the openness, accessibility and inclusion of the education system.
  • Ensure that non-formal education becomes an integral part of the education system.
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of non-governmental education organisations.

Read more about the Network’s priorities here.

We believe that all learners–children, young people, adults and older adults–have the right to choose educational services that meet their needs and desires. Non-governmental education organisations can offer a wide variety of content and methods for these services that cater to individual needs.

We deem that the education system must create equal operational and financial conditions for all actors–not only state and municipal institutions but also non-governmental education organisations established by independent educational experts or a community.

Network’s representatives are members of the Lithuanian Education Council, General Education Council, Non-formal Adult Education Council, Council of Non-Governmental Organisations, National Coalition of NGOs, Monitoring Committee of the EU Funds’ Investment Operational Program 2014–2020, Open Government Working Group and other committees and working groups.